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-Richard Brautigan, The Old Bus

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Google Transit comes to Sacramento

Above is a screen capture of what Google's interface with Sacramento Regional Transit's on-line trip planning data produces. This service went live Monday. It is still in the testing stages, but it is fully functional.

Go to, click on Sacramento, enter a starting address and a destination. It is just like using Google Maps. You can even click between the transit option and the route if you are driving.

The difference between RT's and Google Transit is the difference between the original, text-only computer adventure cames and the modern interactive software.

This is going to be my first choice for trip planning.


Maya said...

You have to admit, though, that without the RT engine, Google transit would have nothing to work with.

How is it that Sacramento got Google transit before DC?!?

John said...

I spoke too soon when I said Google would be transit planner of choice. That will only be the case if I am looking for immediate options.

Google doesn't allow you to specify an arrival time or a departure time -- at least I don't see how it would done. If you are planning how to do something tomorrow or you want to plan based on your arrival time, the RT site is the better option.

Anonymous said...


Click on options in the trip planner. can specify arrive by / depart by date and time.

John said...

Options! We've got options!

I was expecting the options to available before or at the same time as you enter the address. I didn't notice the "Options" link after the results were offered. Not intuitive, but functional.

OK. So I'll have to do some side-by-side comparisons. Since sacrt and Google are working off the same database, the results should be the same. And I really like the visual representation that the map provides.

The Derek said...

i dont sede a way to specify an LRT station without the adress (ie 65th station, or Florin station)

John said...

Derek, I don't see a way to specify light rail stops either -- at least without street intersections.

Score one for the site.

The Derek said...

Too bad the sacrt website can't help with my spelling ;)

Hahn at Home said...

You just like making those cool maps, don't you?

John said...


Agreed; I do like the maps. But you must admit that they can make a point immediately.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else puts them to use.