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-Richard Brautigan, The Old Bus

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Three cheers for RT's tech guys

I subscribe to a mailing list that discusses Google Transit, and this message arrived today:

Dear All,
I don't know where to post this so I am posting it here. I use DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit). My trip requires me to transfer at various stations. Due to variation in schedule and traffic condition, I find myself waiting more than 15 mins at times.

I am thinking of making an application which can display route timings for a specified route only. This can run in a mobile phone and alert me about the next bus schedule. I want some help. Is there a way I can query for route information using google transit website?


Joe Hughes (no relation) replied:

You're in luck! DART is one of the agencies that's taken the lead in making its raw schedule data available to the public for developers like you to use; the DART feed is available here:


As an aside, I'm happy to report that Sacramento RT and Orange County Transportation Authority recently joined the set of agencies that are making their feeds available for developer use:
I am very happy to hear that Sacramento Regional Transit is making its route information available to developers who create the sorts of applications that will make riding transit even more inviting.

Of course, the voices of darkness whisper in my ear about the dismal service, the declining ridership and the general bad rep that RT has in the community. But the light of transitarian optimism still shines, however, dimly. Pollyanna lives!

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