There is a certain happiness sighted when your bus comes along. It is of course a small specialized form of happiness and will never be a great thing.

-Richard Brautigan, The Old Bus

Friday, January 24, 2014

Test. Test. Sound check. Test One Two Three Four

I need an outlet. Out of work since the start of the New Year and discouraged about prospects for finding full-time employment at age 62, I'm considering declaring an official end to  the job hunt and announcing my retirement. And since I now qualify for half-price rides on Regional Transit, I find myself back here.
Speaking of senior passes, how does RT pick the expiration date on these things?  Let's imagine the year 2050 and a 99-year-old man hobbling on and off a bus or two and at least one train ride in order to make a personal appearance at RT's Customer Service office in order to renew his bus pass.
Why not set the expiration at 2026, when I'll qualify for Regional Transit's SUPER SENIOR DISCOUNT, a saving of an additional $10 a month. At least at 75 I can imagine getting around well enough to make the trip to get the new pass.
At one time not too long ago, RT offered free rides to the elderly. Ah, the good old days, so important to us old folks. 
I remember when . . .

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