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-Richard Brautigan, The Old Bus

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

News values and the price of riding Sacramento Regional Transit

A week and a half ago, Sacramento Regional Transit announced it would end its free rides for many disabled riders in December and raise everyone's fares in January. It wasn't until Monday, Nov. 3, that The Sacramento Bee offered a single word on the topic.

If you missed it, you can be excused. It was buried in the middle of a "Backseat Driver" column headlined "Drop in gas prices has little impact."

Of course, for some reason, even Sacramento Regional Transit has had difficulty owning up to the news. RT's press office didn't announce the change until today.

Has the measure of what constitutes "news" really moved this much? Maybe I'm old school, but something that will affect this many people should be prominent news, both for the organization implementing the change and for news outlets that profess to serve the community.

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Anonymous said...

The 82 bus name still seems so odd.....

Howe Ave/University-65th
Howe Ave/ARC

Howe avenue is only transversed from Fair Oaks to Northrup while its on Northrup,Morse and even Watt for much further.....