There is a certain happiness sighted when your bus comes along. It is of course a small specialized form of happiness and will never be a great thing.

-Richard Brautigan, The Old Bus

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stopping guys who chase co-eds on the bus

The guy who chases co-eds has finally been told he can't go foraging among the female riders to fill his hunger. This has clearly not been his summer.

The story of what happened can be found here.

For those readers coming from that story looking for more about the guy who chases co-eds, start here and then try these posts.

UPDATE: As of 1:39 p.m. the post at has disappeared. All very odd. I had posted this comment on the post:

I was wondering why the guy was looking so sullen when he boarded the bus the other day. I've been riding earlier buses the last two days and I noticed him at the Watt stop, but he didn't board. I wouldn't be surprised to find him on a different bus in the future, especially after Sac State opens again and the bus fills with targets of his attention.

Instead of the link to the top of my blog, here's a link to the first post I wrote about the guy. And here are the others that mention him.
And this is the reply I received:
Subject: Re: Guys who chase co-eds
If he indeed does that, I'll consider it a minor victory. Sadly, I won't have that run again when the fall semester comes in, but hopefully the word will be out on him. As a rule, we don't tolerate stuff like that, but we have to know about it before we can do something.

Thank you for writing about him; without your assist, I'd never have known how long it was going on for.
I'd like to have the story back. It was a fun read.

UPDATE: Check the comments below for an explanation of the disappearing story. I disagree with the driver's need to "hide" this post from his supervisors at RT. The driver did every woman on the bus a favor by discouraging this guy. That's a service RT ought to be proud of. And if RT isn't happy, I would think that Division 256 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, AFL-CIO, would have enough muscle to protect him. If not, then what are those union dues for?

UPDATE THURSDAY, JULY 26: The story is again available for all to see. Discussion of what happened is available in the comments.


Jesse said...


I'm glad you liked the story, but upon re-reading I decided I was going to have to secure-lock it for reasons that have nothing to do with people's enjoyment and everything to do with the dreaded specter of my employer reading it and getting irritable with me.

You've got an LJ account, so go to your "Manage Friends" section and see where I have you listed as a friend. Go ashead and check the box (sort of like in grade school) and you'll be able to read it again.

Sorry about any confusion; it's just the times we are living in.

John said...

Well, at least I'm your LJ "friend."

The Sacramento Bee Forum editor, who puts together the weekend Blog Watch article, was excited about the post and wanted to use it in the paper. If you change your mind, let me know.

I'm sure there are lots of riders who would thank you.

Jesse said...

Okay, I went back and selectively edited a bit of the verbiage so it could be presentable to the public without losing the basic message, and it's been unlocked so anyone can view it.

My wife said it sounded like a good idea, and I trust her gut more than my own.